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Authentic FrieQuos IQOS Liquid Cleaner (30ML & 60ML)

Original price 19 AED - Original price 24 AED
Original price
19 AED
19 AED - 24 AED
Current price 19 AED

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Size: 30ML

Same day delivery timings (everyday)

- Dubai: If made before 7PM

- UAE: If made before 1PM

After above timings, it is next day.


Specially made for blade cleaning purpose

-Use with dry cotton swab
-Specially use to clean tar leftover on the blade
-Clean to remove excessive oil residue/tar on the blade
-Recover back the blade in new shinning condition

Size : 30ml & 60ml

1) Put 2 / 3 drop on dry cotton swab
2) Start to rub on the blade lightly
3) Continue to rub on the blade till all the tar residue come out
4) Once blade cleaning is done . Use a normal alcohol cleaner to clean it again before start to enjoy heatstick .

p/s : A very caution needed when clean the blade. The Blade protector is needed when do blade cleaning.
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