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Free Delivery on All orders over 99 AED
Free Delivery on All orders over 99 AED

Why Buy From US

Simply the following:

  • All our products, including Batteries (tested for C rating) and E-liquids, are authentic by default. It is important to know that what you put in your mouth and lungs is safe.
  • All our products undergo quality assurance procedures.
  • All our products carry a manufacture warranty. 2 Months from time of purchase
  • We have an awesome customer care service! We care about what you want to say, and we want to help in any way we can. This is not us bragging – this is actual feedback from our great customers. (Okay we’re bragging a little.)
  • We offer a variety of products and kits that cater to any individual’s vaping needs. Stay tuned for fresh arrivals every month / every season.
  • We offer reliable, express and free shipping. does not consider vendors that sell counterfeit products as competition. Ultimately, it would not make sense that a product is sold here cheaper than in the country of origin, given the fierce vaping industry competition abroad. Especially for those who want to quit smoking, it makes no sense to invest in products that are fake and harmful, when you are trying to transition into the healthier lifestyle of vaping. 

Vape safe, vape on!