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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you sell Authentic/Original products? only sells original products, if the manufacturer provides authenticate code then the same products sold at will come with the exact same code. 

We believe it is ridiculous to sell fake items, lose our customers and reputation. That’s bad for business!

We add the word 'Authentic' on each product page, to reinstate that the item is authentic. Our management is focused on providing products at the lowest prices, our focus is on returning customers and not single sales. 


I am under 20 years of age can I buy from you?

NO! We do not sell any product to customers below the age of 20 as mandated by the federal law and rules. Orders placed by person below the age of 20 will be cancelled on delivery and we will block the user from using our services. The courier agent has absolute right to ask for ID presentation if needs to proof of age. If that is not provided, then the order is cancelled immediately.

Why are your prices lower than other market?

We believe vaping and heat cigareets should be a cheaper and better alternative to traditional tobacco, we removed all marketing funds to be able to provide items at lowest possible prices while keeping us afloat. We heavily rely on happy customers recommending to other fellow vapers.

Do you provide discount codes or sales?

We do not! vision is to provide the best prices from the get go, we offer our lowest possible prices 24/7. We do not rely on limited sales or secret discount codes, this way every customer has an equal chance to get the best deal which is whats fair! If you find a lower price elsewhere, please email us at with the website URL and the management would price match/beat it.

Where is your store/shop located?

We are strictly an online vape vendor, and not a traditional one.


I am not sure which device I should get

We advise you to check YouTube and Reddit reviews of the product prior purchase, they provide an in-depth example of the device operation, looks and feel.

I received the device and it is not working

Please ensure you read the usermanual prior you start using the device, as each device would require a slightly different operation steps. Also ensure that you prime the coil prior usage, otherwise the coil would be destroyed


I read the user manual and seen the online reviews of device operation and it is still not working

All purchases are covered by manufacturer and warranty for a period of 2 months. If you are experiencing difficulties with the device please email us at along with your #order number# so we support accordingly.


What happens with the warranty claim procedure

Once we initiate the warranty procedure, we would instruct a courier agent to collect the device (it should be provided with the packaging to root out the manufacturing line).

- The device with the packaging will be sent to our manufacturer supplier for inspection and they would take between 5 to 10 business days.

- If the device passes the warranty claim procedure (warranty applied) we will initiate an instant refund + little more to rectify the experience

- if the device fails the warranty claim procedure (warranty does not apply) we will send the device back to the customer, the shipping fees should be covered by the customer (29AED)


Does dictate and control the warranty claim procedure?

We wish we do! This is completely controlled by the manufacturer supplier. This is contractually agreed by the Manufacturer supplier as they decide if they give us the money or not. We always fight our customer stand and we tend to appeal their verdict twice, pushing for an actual refund.

Is Auto-Fire covered by warranty?

If the device has a firing botton, then the autofire feature is not covered by warranty. Only devices which only have Auto-Fire feature with no botton is covered by warranty. 


What is eligible for manufacturer warranty procedure?

All Mods and Cigalike (devices) are applicable for a manufacture warranty procedure. Please note that E-liquid, Coils, Disposables and any consumable product is not eligible for manufacturer warranty.


I am experiencing minor leaks in the device

All vape products are susceptible to minor leaks, as the elqiuid and the air intake would share the same slot/pathway. Different products are engineered and designed differently, some are more resilient to leaking than others, this depends on design, brands, price points and materials used – and this varies with different companies.

Leaks is not covered by any warranty procedure, it can be expected to have minor leaks. BUT if you are getting excessive leaks please send us details of your experience to and we will work around it. *This only covers excessive leaks.


I am getting drops of liquid in my vape

This is called vape spitback, it is expected in all vape products, especially when the coils is fresh and recently primed – this effect resides with coil usage.


I don’t like the eliquid flavour

All disposable purchases are final at point of purchase – we do not manufacture any of the products, the taste is subjective to different people, some like it some don’t, we just provide it.



Do you sell Zero MG (0MG) eliquid? vision is to provide a better alternative to traditional tobacco. We believe that providing 0MG could put us as a company which encourage vaping (which we do not). Simply we believe if you are at the stage that you would like to start at 0mg, it would be better off that you stop vaping all together as that would be always the best decision to do.



Do you provide a next day delivery?

Yes we do! All purchases placed before 8.00 PM are eligible for next day delivery. Please have your phone at hand, as the delivery agents are instructed to call prior delivery.

Additionally, orders placed before 12 miday (for Dubai) are eligible for same day delivery. Same day delivery are available 6 days a week, no same day delivery on Fridays. 



Is your delivery agent part of

The delivery agents do not work for, they work with us to deliver our orders. We have them at at-most regard as we know how difficult their job can be. They are not employees.


Why are my orders being cancelled? has the right to refuse the sale of any orders, this could be but not limited to the following:
- Underage customer
- Being extremely rude to our delivery agents (we do not accept that!)
- Being extremely rude with our online support staff (again, we do not accept that)
- Repetitive fraudulent orders – if the customer keeps cancelling orders once they are out for delivery, then we have the right to stop doing business with them.
- Not abiding with rules and policy, then we have the right to stop doing business with them.