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EcigUAE is proudly the current retail seller of Elemnt PURE! (Canadian Made Products)
EcigUAE is proudly the current retail seller of Elemnt PURE! (Canadian Made Products)

About US

Authenticity, Quality, Warranty prides itself on being the of the few vendors in the UAE that sells 100% authentic products with the lowest prices available in the market.

Inexpensive does not mean cheap. Our biggest challenge is also our core competence: providing high quality products while working with a very low margin. Quality is absolute core in our business and as part of quality assurance we test the products we sell ourselves.

What’s more, we offer manufacture warranty (2 MONTHS) for all our products to ensure transparency and fair claim of rights, should there be any defect in the product. Please check our warranty claim procedure.

For your warranty claim procedure, just email one of our support team members with your order number and quick description of the issue and we will get back to you with the warranty claim procedure.


Cloud Philosophy efficiencies rest on carefully studied and selected bundle of products that cater to the market’s variety of vaping populace: beginners, experts, occasional and social vapers (“Got juice?”). You will find the variety and novelty of our products exciting, yet there is a guided method to our practice.

Our website is designed to help you pin-point what exactly are your current vaping needs – whether you are looking for coils or full-on kits.

Your Words Matter
Send over your queries and suggestions to We are all experienced vapers, and our support team is available around the clock to answer any questions.

To know more about us, visit our FAQ page